September 28 @ The Cloud
Overload NZ

Guest Cosplayer - Kurumi Purarine

One of our favourite parts of Overload is introducing you to incredible international artists, people who you might otherwise never come across – like Kurumi Purarine!

A renowned cosplayer from Japan, Kurumi Purarine has recently started to make her way out into the international scene, and we’re absolutely delighted to welcome her as our 2019 cosplay guest! Lucky us!

Kurumi has created stunning renditions of beloved characters from series such as Fate Grand Order, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Card Captor Sakura, Idol Master Cinderella Girls, SINoALICE, Sword Art Online and much more! A peek at some of Kurumi’s work below shows how much she loves crafting both costumes and weapons – a real treat and inspiration for creators and aficionados alike. 

So please join us in giving Kurumi a warm welcome during her first time in New Zealand!

Did you notice how incredible Kurumi’s photos are? That bring’s us to another surprise! Internationally acclaimed Japanese Cosplay Photographer KE-TARO will be joining KURUMI on the Q&A stage as well as exhibiting his stunning photographs! 

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