September 28 @ The Cloud
Overload NZ

Cosplay Open Stage

Welcome to the Cosplay Open Stage! 
This event allows cosplayers to showcase both their costumes and performances on stage through short sketches, songs and dance routines. Participants are welcome to draw from any anime, manga or Asian pop-culture inspired universe for their performance, be they gritty, fantastical or comedic.

Interested in Performing?

Apologies! All slots for Cosplay Open Stage have been filled – We look forward to seeing your performances at Overload 2019! 

Sign up Below!

Everything you need to know about performing on stage can be found within the Online Registration Form, this includes:

  • Stage information
  • Stage rules
  • Safety guidelines
  • Costume/prop restrictions
  • Audio and media file preparation
  •  On the day 
Please read through it carefully, and if you have any enquiries please contact Marc 
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