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Frequently Asked Questions

We wish it were that simple, but unfortunately not. First you will need to acquire a Signing Coupon if you wish to attend their autograph session. Please visit our Autograph Guide page for info on how to obtain a Signing Coupon, as well as some useful gift-giving etiquette!

We are always looking for more sponsors to help expand the event. Please contact us at [email protected] so that we may discuss your possible inclusion in Overload.

Yes, we are always looking for people to volunteer to help with the event, any help you may offer would be most appreciated. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Some sponsors or retailers may have Eftpos, but there are no ATM machines inside the venue. We recommend you bring enough cash for the day.

Note: Entry to Overload can be paid with Eftpos or cash upon entry.

Yes, food and drink is allowed in THE CLOUD and there will be some vendors selling food. Please be considerate of others and place rubbish in the bins provided. You are also allowed to bring your own water in a plastic bottle. Please do not use glass containers.

Generally speaking, No. Photography is not allowed unless you have permission from the subject/person. Please ask the artists, cosplayers or organisers before you take any photos.

There are no age restrictions, but children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or care giver.

Overload primarily focuses on anime and manga styled art, but there is a wide range of NZ talent on display. Given this wide talent base, and the differing material produced each year, it can be honestly said that most people will find something that they like.

The name change has come about for two reasons:

We wanted to have a good mixture of anime and manga fan artists so that we can continue to express our identity as a NZ anime and comic/manga festival. We didn’t, however, want to give the impression to people that this event only applied to Japanese style anime and manga artwork. Western styled graphic novel and anime artwork is also present at Overload.

We also wanted to appeal more to the general public. We found the word ‘doujin’ to be confusing and difficult for many people to pronounce. While we want to keep the identity and focus of the event the same, we also want to encourage a wider audience. This was best achieved by removing ‘doujin’ from the event title.

Overload is run by a volunteer committee of individuals that are selected by Anime NZ Ltd. Each year a new committee is assembled, and the process of preparing for that years Overload event is begun afresh.

This committee is led by Graphic Novel Cafe owner and Anime NZ Ltd representative, Seong Oh.

Absolutely. Please visit and fill out the Online Registration form. Alternatively, please contact the committee by contacting us at [email protected].

Generally the playing of music at your table is prohibited due to the number of Artists in close proximity. The only exception to this is if you are using music to showcase an animation or game. We ask that you notify your adjacent Artists beforehand. You may be asked to turn the volume down if it is deemed too loud.

The Artist’s Registration is non-transferrable. This means you cannot on-sell or transfer it. As long as you are the registered Artist, you are deemed responsible and liable for any infringement of terms and conditions within the vicinity of your table space.

Note: There will be no refund for the cancellation of your registration.

If, due to unforseen circumstances, you cannot make it to the event and need an assistant to manage your table on your behalf, please contact the committee. We may be able to process the late application for an assistant on your Artist’s registration. Please be aware that this is at the committee’s discretion and available only in exigent situations.

As the principle registered Artist you remain responsible and liable for any infringement  of terms and conditions within the vicinity of your table space. If you cancel your registration, there is no refund.

Yes you can, so long as all items have been created / designed by you and are not commercially available.

Due to Health and Safety restrictions and costs of cabling we can not provide electricity to Artists’ Tables.

No. There are no locker rooms or storage spaces available, other than the area under your table. You are responsible for all your own belongings.

Registered Artists and assistants are allowed to enter the event hall from 8:30am onwards. Artists are responsible for their own setup, however Committee members will already have the tables and chairs set out for you.

The hall will remain open for one hour after the event closes to allow you to pack up. You must remove all your belongings and rubbish, especially any within the vicinity of your table space.

There are no age restrictions, but the person (representative, in the case of a group registration) registering must be at least 16 years or older unless consent is provided by a parent or guardian. Anyone who is younger than 13 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Anyone is able to register as an Artist at Overload, including overseas visitors, provided they bring only their own work.

Yes, we welcome Portrait Artists at Overload but you must provide clear access to your neighbour artists’ tables. If you are a table at the end of a row, you will be allowed a queue of up to 5 people. If you are in the middle of a row (and surrounded by other artists) you can only have two people in your queue. Failing this will mean that your service may have to be suspended. A ticket/number system is the preferred method of queue control.

Yes, with the requirement that explicit content is hidden or covered. Please keep visible content all-ages friendly.

Overload Cosplay

Cosplay is the abbreviation for “Costume Play” – dressing up as your favourite character from a fictional piece of work to show your passion for the work. Although Overload is an anime-focused event we welcome all Cosplayers no matter what your costumes may be.

Yes – Overload is a family-friendly event so any costumes with excessive exposure or indecency are not permitted. Overload staff reserves the right to deem a costume you are wearing as unacceptable and request that you make required modification as necessary.

Props are certainly welcome – they add a lot to the life of a costume! Overload defines a Prop as being any item which may resemble a weapon, is large, narrows to a point, is sharp or heavy enough to cause possible harm, or any item which could otherwise cause harm to other attendees or property.

Only weapon props made of soft materials such as foam, plastic, rubber, lightweight wood (balsa) or fabric are permitted. Realistic toy and airsoft guns, real martial art items, metal props (even if they are blunt) and wooden weapons are all prohibited. In general, props should not be more than 1.5m in height and 1.2m in width and not weigh more than 5kg, with the exception of props created exclusively for use in the Cosplay competition and only for use on stage.

All props must be checked by Overload staff when you enter the event. Our staff in the ticketing booth will examine your prop and place bright coloured tape around a part of your approved prop before you enter the event. Overload staff and representatives have sole discretion to approve props and may revoke that approval at anytime if any prop is used inappropriately.

To ensure that Overload remains a friendly and relaxed event, and to avoid any chance of it being shut down due to police callouts, Overload is banning any real world military uniform themed cosplay. This extends to law enforcement and SWAT style cosplays including modern style military uniforms featured in games and anime such as Metal Gear Solid and Full Metal Panic. Historical or fantasy military-themed cosplay such as Fullmetal Alchemist is fine. If you are unsure of whether your cosplay meets this criteria please contact us at [email protected]

As a Cosplayer you will often be asked for photographs, as people are just as enthusiastic about your series as you might be! You are under no obligation to agree – if you are busy politely decline and say “not now”.

If someone continues to harass you for photos, attempts to take them without your permission or make you uncomfortable please seek an Overload staff member for assistance, as such behaviour will not be tolerated.

When having your photos taken, please kindly refrain from using spaces that will hinder or obstruct others.

Madman National Cosplay Championship

Please visit https://www.madman.com.au/cosplay/how-to-enter/ for additional instructions on entry and the rules about the competition.

No – the cut-offs are final and no entries will be accepted after the cut-off date.

Yes – this is part of the competition rules and therefore strictly enforced.

You must be a NZ/AU resident, or hold a valid NZ/AU student/work visa valid until December 2019 in order to be able to enter.

Overload staff will attempt to provide facilities for contestants to prepare for the competition. Contestants will be notified when more information becomes available.

No – the rules state that you can only enter as individuals or as a group of two. The promoter of this competition has the final say and it’s very unlikely to be changed.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

These rules apply to all who attend Overload, including exhibitors, sponsors, volunteers and visitors/members of the public.
Please keep these rules in mind and help make Overload a pleasant and special experience for all.

All attendees to the event must adhere to the following rules:

  • Do not engage in activities that interfere with other attendees.
  • Weapons, dangerous goods, alcohol, drugs and animals are prohibited at the event.
  • Do not block or place items in front of fire exits.
  • When taking photos please ensure you have the permission of the subject.
  • Follow the directions of Overload Staff or designated volunteers.
  • The Overload committee reserves the right to deny entry to the event or remove any persons considered a nuisance.
  • Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian at all times.
  • Any and all transactions between an artist / vendor and customer are the responsibility of said parties.
  • No filming allowed without express permission from the Overload committee.
  • Please note filming by the Overload committee or permitted persons will be taking place at the event.

*For enquiries and information, please feel free to Contact Us.

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