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Every year we bring a captivating mix of local and international guests for you to anticipate meeting – from renowned creators to passionate cosplayers. Don’t miss the chance to connect with incredible talent from the industry! 



In March 2016 she made her debut in Weekly Shonen Champion (Akita Shoten) with 4 consecutive one-shot stories of “BEAST COMPLEX”. After receiving positive reviews as a one-shot, “BEASTARS” began serialization in September of the same year. Both “BEASTARS” and “BEAST COMPLEX” depict a world where herbivores and carnivores coexist. In 2017, “BEASTARS” won 2nd place in the Male reader ver. of “Kono Manga ga Sugoi! (This Manga is Amazing!) 2018” published by Takarajimasha. In 2018, the same work won the 11th Manga Award, the 21st Japan Media Arts Festival New Face Award in the Manga Division, the 22nd Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize New Creator Award, and the 42nd Kodansha Manga Award in the Shōnen Category. “

SANDA” is currently being serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion (Akita Shoten).


Itagaki will only be present for Sunday April 21st during Overload 2024. 

Q&A Session
Sunday 21st April: 2-3PM 
Location: SHED 10, at Overload Stage. 

Autograph Session
Sunday 21st April: 3-4PM, might extend it to 4.30 pm – One time only 
Location: SHED 10, Autograph Booth.

Autograph Policy: Purchase BEASTARS or BEAST COMPLEX manga from the Graphic Novel Cafe booth in Shed 10 and get an autograph token. Itagaki will only sign BEASTARS or BEAST COMPLEX manga, adding your name (or your friend’s name) with their autograph.

Quantity Restriction: Up to two books per person.
Book Price: $35 per copy.



Thames is a talented cosplayer hailing from Thailand who has been actively donning costumes since 2006.  His exceptional cosplays have made him a favorite both at home and abroad, leading to frequent opportunities to endorse products and games as a cosplayer model. Thames’ experience has also lead him to guest and judge at numerous events across Asia. 

In 2022, Thames and partner Jasper Z, represented Thailand at the World Cosplay Summit Championship in Nagoya, Japan, winning 3rd place.

Beyond cosplay, Thames shines in other realms. He is both a successful streamer on his Facebook page, and exhibits his musical talent as the bassist of the Malerose Band.


Autograph Session
Saturday: 12:30PM – 1:30PM | 4:30PM – 5PM
Sunday  – 11:30AM – 12:30PM | 2PM – 3:30PM
Location: SHED 10, at THAMES Booth.

Photobooth Session
Sunday: 1PM – 2PM
Location: SHED 10, at THAMES Booth.

Q&A Session
Saturday 20 April: 2-3PM.
Location: SHED 10, at Overload Stage.



After her debut as a manga artist in Shueisha’s Ultra Jump, UCHIDA ventured into live drawing performances in 2015, painting captivating, large-scale manga on walls. 

Combining a cyberpunk worldview with the novelty of giant manga, UCHIDA’s innovative approach earned global recognition, leading her to exhibit to international audiences in 2018. Since then, she has showcased her live drawing performances in nine countries, primarily across Europe.


Watch the magic of UCHIDA in their natural element, live drawing all weekend!!

Live Drawing
Date & Time: 
Saturday 20 April from 9AM – 4PM Sunday 21 April.
Location: SHED 10, at UCHIDA Booth.

Q&A Session
Sunday 21 April: 1-1:45PM.
Location: SHED 10, at Overload Stage.

Setsuo Itō

voice actor

Setsuo Itō, born on March 18th, 1991, in Hokkaido, Japan, is a Japanese voice actor affiliated with ‘Air Agency’ in Tokyo. Notably, he won the Best New Actor Award at the 11th Seiyu Awards for his portrayal of the lead character, Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama, in the anime series “Mob Psycho 100.”

His contributions to various anime and game projects include:

  • Ryōhei Ameyama in “Pupipō!” (2013),
  • Kai Musashisakai in “Anime-Gatari” (2017),
  • Kenichi Iwami in “Captain Tsubasa”,
  • Shigeo Kageyama in “Mob Psycho 100!” (3 seasons, from 2016 to 2022)

Amongst many other roles he has also voiced Anime characters in ‘Junji Ito Collection’, ’Bungo Stray Dogs’, Seven Deadly Sins’, ‘We never Learn’, and Game characters in ‘Macross Δ (Delta) Scramble’, ‘Crash Bandicoot 4’.


Setsuo Itō will only be present for Saturday April 20th during Overload 2024. 

Q&A Session
Saturday 20th April: 1-2PM. 
Location: SHED 10, at Overload Stage. 

Autograph Session
Saturday 20th April:
 2-3PM, might extend it to 3.30 pm – One time only 
Location: SHED 10, Autograph Booth.

Autograph Policy: Buy an Overload official shikishi autograph board (paper board) from the Graphic Novel Cafe booth in Shed 10. Setsuo Itō sign will only sign either the Overload official autograph shikishi or on official merchandise featuring a character image from a series or franchise where his voice was used, like anime DVD covers, games, or albums, adding your name (or your friend’s name) with their autograph. 

Excluded items include: Fanart, manga covers. 

Quantity Restriction: Up to two shikishi per person.
Shikishi Price: $40 per board.



SUOL is a Korean Webtoon author and illustrator who graduated from Digital Design at the Auckland University of Technology. She debuted with the webtoon series ‘Juvenile’ in 2017. Her current serial webtoon, ‘Villains Are Destined to Die,’ began in 2020, and the English version is being published by Ize Press


SUOL will only be present for Sunday April 21st during Overload 2024. 

Q&A Session
Sunday 21st April: 12-1PM 
Location: SHED 10, at Overload Stage.

Autograph Session
Sunday 21st April: 1-2PM, might extend it to 2.30 pm – One time only 
Location: SHED 10, Autograph Booth.

Autograph Policy: Buy a copy of ‘Villains Are Destined to Die’ manhwa at the Graphic Novel Cafe booth in Shed 10. You will receive one of two exclusive official Overload posters and an autograph token. SUOL will sign the manhwa with your name (or your friend’s name). No signing on the poster* (*She might do so depending on the queue on the day).

Quantity Restriction: Up to two books per person.
Book Price: $48 per copy.




Creating balloon art for over ten years, Georgie is an award-winning balloon twister from Sydney, Australia! She’s a familiar face at cons like SMASH!, Madfest, EB Games Expo, and Supanova, and now she’s bringing her anime-themed latex creations back to Overload!


Find Georgie at her booth in Shed 10 ALL weekend, where she’ll be twisting up adorable balloon masterpieces FREE for Overload attendees to take home and cherish! (One balloon twist per person). Don’t miss out!



NZBumblebee is New Zealand’s very own resident Autobot! 🤖 Sent from Cybertron by Optimus Prime, he first landed in Wellington and has since been traversing the country actively supporting local communities, events, and charities. 

Standing an impressive 2.4 meters tall, Bumblebee loves meeting new humans! Come along, say hi, and grab a pic with this iconic Transformer. Intel from Prime suggests possible Decepticon activity in the area, but fear not! NZBumblebee will be on hand to keep them at bay. Join us in welcoming this legendary Autobot and let’s keep Overload safe together!


Catch NZ Bumblebee patrolling around The CLOUD’s main entrance throughout the weekend! 🚀 Seek him out and snap a memorable pic with this legendary Autobot! Don’t miss your chance to meet him at Overload!