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Artist Setup Information

This page is information you will need to know for exhibiting at Overload.

The Overload Committee wishes to make sure Overload is a safe event for all exhibitors and attendees. As a requirement of entry to Overload, all artists and assistants must have read and understood the Overload Health and Safety plan.

If you have any possible hazards (anything that may cause injury or damage to event goers and/or the venue – for example, walkway obstructions) you must fill out this “Health and Safety Hazard Plan” document and email it to us no later than 10 April 2021. Here is a sample form for your reference.

Please take your time reading through this plan, and make sure to email us at [email protected] if you have any questions!

Key Points

  • Set-up is from 8am to 10am 24 April. Please put on your artist pass/wrist band before arrival. No Pass – No Entry. This also applies to your helpers.
  • When you are being dropped off or unloading/loading goods from a vehicle, please make sure you have a driver/assistant as you will not be able to just leave goods and/or your vehicle unattended. Speed limit around the venue is 5km/hour.
  • Make sure to check-in using the NZ COVID Tracer app when you enter the venue or as soon as you can. QR codes will be available across the event floor.
  • Make sure your table set-up doesn’t raise any health and safety issues. You may only put up stands or displays no higher than 1m and they must be secure and stable. If you want to put up anything higher you must submit a Health and Safety Hazard plan to us. If, in the opinion of venue staff, your set-up is a hazard it will have to be modified or removed.
  • Please fold your table and stack your chairs after the event closes, and clean and tidy your area before you leave.
  • Please be aware that anything which could produce fire or smoke shall not be allowed inside The Cloud. Please keep your general area safe and clear of any tripping hazards.
  • Bring enough cash, change, food and/or drinks, and warm clothes. The Cloud is located at the waterfront, and it can get very cold! 

Set Up

Set-up time: Between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM, 24th of April (Event day).

Artist set-up time begins at 8:00 am, 24th of April (Saturday, event day). We recommend that you plan to finish your setup early in case of any emergencies or other issues that may come up. You must complete your setup before 10:00 am.

If you wish to set-up on Friday (23rd of April), please pre-register with us using this form. The set-up time is from 1pm to 5pm. You must bring your own Hi-Vis vest and wear closed over shoes or safety shoes, otherwise we have to deny you entry into the venue. 

Artist Passes

Please wear your artist pass at all times, and have it be clearly visible or easily accessible to show security staff. You will not be permitted early entry without your artist pass. We recommend you put this pass on before you get to the venue, to reduce any delays getting in.

No pass = No entry. No exceptions. This also applies to your helpers.

Loading and Unloading

When you are being dropped off or unloading/loading goods from a vehicle, please use the Layby area on the same side of the roundabout as The Cloud (shown below with a ‘star’). Your vehicle pauses and unloads/loads at the edge of the roundabout whilst the main usual wharf traffic carries on around the roundabout. To avoid any traffic congestion, please leave as soon as possible. All vehicles left unattended may be towed away, at the owner’s expense. For this reason please make sure you have a driver/assistant as you will not be able to just leave goods on the ground. Speed limit around the venue is 5km/hour.

First Aid / Fire / Emergency

St. John’s First Aid station is located outside of the venue entrance area. In case of fire, venue / Overload staff will call 111 immediately and evacuation should be commenced. Please exit the building immediately using the nearest Fire Exit under our fire warden’s  and security staff’s instruction. The gathering point is beside the red fence on Quay street. 


The Cloud Convention Center has no public car parks at the venue. If you are driving to the venue you will need to find public parking nearby. There are parking lots throughout the city, such as the AT Downtown car park or Wilson REO Car Park.

Clean Up

Clean-up time: Between 6:00 PM and 7:30 PM, 24th April (Event day).

You can only start packing and moving your things from 6pm to 7.30pm, 24th April. You are obliged to remove all your rubbish from your area. Rubbish bins will be available around the venue for general and recyclable waste. Please separate and dispose of your rubbish correctly, make sure your area is left clean and tidy, fold your table and stack the chairs.

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