Overload NZ

Overload Artist Table Registration

Terms & Conditions

Definitions for this document: The Overload Committee, legally representing Anime NZ Ltd. is also referred to herein as ‘We,’ or ‘Us’. The Artist, also referred to as ‘You,’ or ‘Your’, includes any assistant or artist sharing your table.

It is a requirement for your registration as an artist at the Overload New Zealand Anime & Manga Convention that you accept and adhere to these terms and conditions (‘Terms’). These Terms and Conditions are subject to change and may be updated on our website from time to time. Artist Registration is contractual. As a registered artist, you are deemed legally responsible and liable for any infringement of terms and conditions within the vicinity of your table space, even if caused by an associate or artist who shares your table.

The Overload Artist Table is available to artists, both amateur and professional, whether local or international, who wish to exhibit or sell their artwork at the Overload convention.

Sale Items Restrictions at Overload 

All items for sale at your table must be designed or created by you. We encourage original prints, crafts, Manga, etc, however, ‘fan art and fan crafts’ based on anime, manga, and pop culture series are accepted. Overload Committee defines ‘fan art and fan crafts’ as your original work based on licensed, copyrighted material and characters.

The sale of items reproducing the artwork of other artists is strictly prohibited. This includes copying another artist’s work from platforms like Pixiv or similar websites and claiming it as your own. Additionally, using such artwork as a foundation for your own fan art or fan crafts is not permitted.

Do not trace, copy, or use Photoshop filters or similar on art you didn’t create; modifying existing work is not considered original.

The original creator of the fan art must be present at your table. Table sharing and collectives are allowed, as long as each artist is physically present at the Overload convention.

Mass-produced fan art and fan crafts may be deemed unauthorized merchandise and could be subject to removal.

Artificial Intelligence generated or modified art is not permitted in any form.

Commercially-made goods are strictly prohibited. For commercial traders Sponsor Booths are available. If you wish to sell commercial merchandise, please book a ‘Sponsor Booth’ by contacting us at [email protected]

Overload Artist Application

Only online applications will be accepted, applications may be made from overseas.

Only one artist may submit one application, multiple entries will be discarded. If you are sharing your table with another artist (secondary artist), please provide the secondary artist information on the Application form.

The artist (or representative, in the case of a group registration) registering must be at least 16 years or older. A signed parent or guardian consent form is required for anyone younger.

Submitting an application does not guarantee a table spot.

All applications will be subject to screening by the Overload Committee, all decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Cancellation Policy of Successful Application

If, after winning the lottery, you choose to cancel your application or fail to complete the registration process, you are confirming that you will not be attending Overload 2024 as a registered artist or a secondary artist. As such, your entry to Overload, as an artist who is using an Overload Artist Table, will be denied, and your lottery win will be offered to an artist randomly selected from the waitlist. Please note that it cannot be transferred to another individual.

Registration Policy

Registration covers a two-day period, and your table must occupy both days.

  • Event Date: 20th – 21st April 2024
  • Venue: The Cloud & Shed 10, 89 Quay Street Auckland Central.

To ensure a fair distribution of available Overload Artist Tables among artists, we prohibit multiple bookings, reselling, or unauthorized transfers.

All registration must be completed by deadlines notified on ‘Overload Artist Tables’ webpage or in special cases on Overload Committee’s email notification.

Failure to complete registration will result in the table being offered to an artist randomly selected from the waitlist.

Cancellation Policy of Completed Registration

There are no refunds if you cancel your registration.

If Overload 2024 cannot be held due to unforeseen circumstances, it will be postponed to sometime in 2024 (to be advised at the time of cancellation). Your registrations will still be valid for the new date. If the new date isn’t suitable for you, you must request a refund of registration fee within two weeks of the postponement announcement.

Overload Committee nor Anime NZ Limited is not liable for any loss caused by cancellation or postponement.

Registration Transfer 

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, the registered artist cannot attend the event, your registration can only be transferred if there is an artist from the waitlist who is willing to take your table. This must occur before your registration fee can be refunded (excluding processing fees). This must be done with the approval of Overload Committee (contact ‘[email protected]).

Important Note: No transfers of tables will be considered after 20th of March 2024

Responsibility of Artists

Overload is a family-friendly event. Please ensure your displayed work is suitable for all ages. If you are selling adult arts/goods please cover them adequately. No arts/goods shall be allowed for trading if those items breach NZ law or Censorship standards. The Overload Committee reserves the right to require immediate removal of items from the event, at its discretion, if they appear to be commercial goods, infringing or illegal items. It is not the responsibility of Overload Committee, volunteers or staff to check all or any items. It is expected that you shall ascertain the legality and suitability of their goods, and use your own discretion whether and how to present them for sale at Overload.

When conducting any kind of activity which will draw an audience or queue, such as portrait art, games, giveaways etc., other than directly selling goods, you must be mindful of guests, event goers, and fellow artists. The maximum queue you can have depends where your table is located. If you are at the end of a table row, your limit is 5. If you are at any other table, your limit is 2. If you have more people than allowed continually waiting around your table, you must apply a crowd control system (for example, numbered tickets).

Should a static crowd at your artist table continually block access to other artists, significantly obstruct passage through the venue or cause any Health and Safety concerns, we will ban any further activities at your table.

Please keep your area as clean and tidy as possible.

While care is taken to keep artists and their property safe, the Overload Committee takes no responsibility for lost or stolen property. Any transactions made between Artists and Customers are entirely the responsibility of said parties, not the Overload Committee.

Breaches of the above requirements may result in your registration being cancelled. If the Overload Committee cancels your registration under this clause it shall not be liable to pay you any compensation for loss or damage and will have no further legal obligations.

Health and Safety

The Overload Committee wishes to make sure Overload is a safe event for all artists and attendees. Make sure your table set-up does not raise any health and safety issues. No more than two people per table allowed at any time. Maximum display height (including table height) is 2.3 meters.

As a requirement of entry to Overload, all artists and associates must have read and understood the ‘Overload Health and Safety Plan’ which shall be provided at least one month before Overload. As the Registered Artist you will be notified of any updates or changes to relevant documents.  It is the Registered Artist’s responsibility to ensure that anyone associated with them has also read and fully understood these documents.

Drugs, alcohol, smoking and vaping are all forbidden at the venue at all times. Absolutely no flames, naked or contained, shall be allowed at the venue. Any devices which can trigger the fire alarm are prohibited. Please do not place items in front of, or otherwise block the fire exits. Abusive or violent behaviour shall not be tolerated. Weapons, dangerous goods, and non-service animals are also prohibited.

In case of fire, evacuation should be commenced. Please exit the building immediately using the nearest Fire Exit, and/or follow our fire warden’s and security staff’s instructions. The gathering point is beside the red fence on Quay Street.

Neither venue management, Overload Committee, nor Anime NZ Ltd. shall be held responsible for any injuries to Sponsors, Artists and/or members of the public, or for any costs incurred in such an event. Responsibility for familiarity, and compliance, with all rules and regulations pertaining to Occupational Health and Safety at the event lie entirely with the Attendees, Sponsors and Artists.

Damage to The Venue

To avoid damage, no items are to be attached, pinned, stapled, screwed or adhered to the door or wall surfaces within the venue without prior approval of Overload Committee.

Please carefully inspect your table and the surrounding area prior to setup. Any damage to walls, floors, pillars and windows should be pointed out to Overload Committee at this time.

If no damage is mentioned to Overload Committee prior to setup we shall take this as implicit confirmation that the area is undamaged.

Any damage done in the vicinity of the table space during Overload, any associated repair costs, and consequential financial loss to Auckland Unlimited Limited/Overload Committee, are the responsibility of the Artist.

Limitation of Liability

The Overload Committee shall not be held liable for any failure to perform its obligations under the Overload Artist Table Registration Terms and Conditions where such failure is due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Overload Committee.

Without limiting any exclusion of the Overload Committee’s liability under the Overload Artist Table Registration Terms and Conditions, the Overload Committee’s maximum aggregate liability shall not exceed the total amount payable by the Licensee in respect of the Registration fee.

The Overload Committee shall not be held liable for any loss of profits or any consequential, indirect or special loss, damage or injury of any kind whatsoever suffered by the Licensee arising directly or indirectly from any breach of any of the Overload Committee’s obligations under or in connection with this registration or from any cancellation of this registration or from any negligence, misrepresentation or other act or omission on the part of the Overload Committee, its employees, agents, volunteers or contractors.

The Overload Committee shall not be held responsible for any Copyright and/or Trademark infringements made by registered Artists, anyone sharing their Table, or anyone they may sell items on behalf of. Any legal action that may result from copyright and/or trademark infringement is the sole responsibility of the Artist. By Registering you agree to legally indemnify The Overload Committee and Anime New Zealand against any such legal action.

By registering you agree to receive emails about Overload and collateral information. 

All rights reserved. Any breaches of the Terms and Conditions by artists may result in cancellation of Overload Artist Table Registration or expulsion from the event, and registration fees will not be refunded. All decisions are final.